Magic Sing ET23KH Review

Aside from it is the latest and most advanced magic sing microphone from Enter Tech today, the Magic Sing ET-23KH (ET-23000H) is also a music equipment that can provide you and your family with a more interesting way to jam and have fun with each other. The high definition background and its more than 2,000 English songs built on this microphone makes as the most sought after microphone in the market.

There are four song chips slots for additional song chips which you can purchased separately. It also has HDMI / SD TV selection switch as well as cheering (claps), moving picture background, search mode and reservations feature and a built-in manual. You can also change the background, melody instrument and voice just the way you want it. Leaving it on (accidentally) is not also an issue because of its auto power off feature.

With such new and improved features, the Magic Sing ET23KH will not let any music lovers down. And it is a certain.

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